Friday, 4 September 2009

Good vs Evil

A friend asked me this morning if we had enjoyed a good summer - we have, plenty of time to read books, some super days out, a couple of days in Paris...

...but best of all has been a serendipitous journey of an entirely different kind, a far more important one than a couple of weeks in the sun!

This has been a summer of encounters with extraordinary people, who in turn introduce you to yet more extraordinary people, people who quite without meaning to, take you on a journey.

They are all on amazing odysseys of their own which span a mind boggling array of subjects, but all of them have shown us such strength of character that you cannot help but be impressed.

How many parties have you been to where in one evening you meet a famous opera singer, a charming Irish man with a harem, a professor of dreams, a clairvoyant, a film director, an aid worker, an etymologist....the list goes on! Suffice to say we did feel that we were spectacularly dull in comparison!

Yet, they have enabled something dormant in us - watching their determination to achieve is impressive and contagious.

The Opera singer who seeks out new, young, talent and helps them to flower.
The Aid worker whose body ruined by radiation, walks again.
Just two stories from so many, unfolding and bedazzling us.

The thread that binds, unconditional love.

Invading the spaces between these inspirational people there are those who seek to prevent their triumphs. Just like in the playground, every community has it's 'school bullies', and it's a shock to realise that they stop at nothing for their own perverse pleasure.

The church warden who tries to spilt a couple up before their wedding day and spreads vicious rumours...but we can all see the evil in her eyes - and she can't really hurt them, the kind of heart hunker round the couple - we are their shield until their own armour is impregnable.

The Rector who does her best to undermine the work of a talented priest, a person of such good heart. We rally round her too, the Rector's stones and arrows still hurt our dear Vicar....but the cat is out of the bag...she can never regain our trust...she can never have our hearts...they go with the Vicar to her new parish.

Why is it that the evil are leeches on the good? Why do the evil hearted inflate their own importance in the scheme of things?
Years ago I might have spent energy on working this out, but not any more - it is their problem, their actions once in the open are read by the whole community. Eyes are opened, veils lifted...

My journey is a gnostic one, a learning curve - calm and guided, with the firm belief that good will always manage to outweigh bad, even if it's a rocky road, and the karma delayed.
Done with the knowledge that doing good doesn't require recognition or awards, the best feeling is when you just know that you have helped - even if just a little.

I have read many books this summer, but it is the unique personal stories that impress, bravery, humour and kind hearts...swords which will never sleep in hands...this is a journey that I know will take will many years to unfold, with many layers and with a gentle calm that comes from the discovery that actually, your own heart is guided to it's right place not only by yourself, but also by those who love and care...and there is nothing at all that the evil hearted ones can do about that