Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Unfinished Symphony

This week I was supposed to be working my way through a never ending list of snagging on the house...the list is on the fridge door...it's very long.

...and am I painting / oiling / sanding / filling etc, etc, etc?

Well,.......no!  I'm absolutely fed up with it - the temptation to scream if I spot another pot of paint is immense!

I'm one of those people who really doesn't kick into action unless I have a deadline - we had huge ones to get the structure finished...cooking a 70th birthday lunch party for 40 the day after the kitchen doors and worktop went in, then having Americans to stay for 10 days - so the new bedroom and bathroom had to be finished!

We did it, but we did it all on adrenaline...then we stopped...and the energy levels haven't picked back up again! Working until 1am night after night, then doing a 'day job' is pretty exhausting.

The house has just gone online for B and B....but even this hasn't scooped up some little remnant of energy to finish off...I need a booking...I need a bit of pressure!

I ought to be high as a kite - our coffee machine died during the building work...and last week we replaced it - I have been trying ever since to produce the perfect espresso, but even the caffeine excesses haven't solved my apathy for DIY!

On the up side - every trace of peach has been obliterated, maybe that's the problem...nothing looks really  'bad' anymore!

Any suggestions?