Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A Lamb in Sheep's Clothing.

I watched a strange happening at the weekend... no, not an alien invasion... the farm next door to our house is in the midst of lambing, and the girls and I popped round to do a little lamb worship - they are so cute!
However, we always seem to arrive when death is knocking at the barn door, the first experience of lambing for the girls was a still birth...then thankfully followed a few minutes later with live twin lambkins. Ever since we have enjoyed watching the highs and lows of keeping sheep, and they have gradually become more to us than simply woolly shapes! 
The Farmer says sheep are good at two things - dying and eating!

Anyhow, I'm rambling (pardon the pun) last weekend we toddled round to get some ovine spring in our step, only to be greeted with the scene of a dead lamb - squashed by it's mother - maybe the Farmer is right?
This black scene was transformed in front of our eyes...the farmer instructed his farmhand to go off and skin the lamb! 
A few moments later he arrived with the skin (no sign of gore whatsoever) neatly folded and tucked under his arm like a freshly laundered jumper. He then took an orphaned lamb who was a thin little thing, and dressed the lamb in the dead lamb's skin. We watched dumbstruck - the 'jumper' had fully fashioned arms and a polo neck!
The newly dressed lamb was then put in with the bereft ewe, who sniffed it....then fed it.
If I had not witnessed this myself I might have struggled to believe quite how quickly the Ewe accepted her 'baby' back, and for the girls life at the farm had yet again shown them the circle of life.

I'll try to add the images later...blogger misbehaving!