Friday, 7 November 2008

Cupcakes, Magnolia Style.

I got very excited a few weeks was the day the children broke up from school for half term... they were incredibly tired, and I thought, in need of a treat. As I wandered through Bath doing my shopping I spotted a new flower shop, and my interest peaked when I saw that she had sublet to another company making very pretty cupcakes. I'm such a magpie, I couldn't resist buying the children a box!

I had dreams of NY's Magnolia Bakery and gorgeous Sarah Jessica Parker glamour...
...sadly these were more old apple than Big Apple!
Dry, flavourless sponge...I thought rather wistfully of the Magnolia legend, and hit google!

Wow! The wonders of Cyberspace, within seconds I had been transported to NY and had the precious recipe....YIPPEE!

With no food colourings in the pantry, just some leftover Christmas cake decorations, my cupcakes weren't going to look quite as pretty, but I hoped they would be light and fluffy...

HURRAH - cupcake heaven

Her recipe makes a really fluffy sponge, and the vanilla comes through really well. The frosting is desperately sweet, but the children LOVED it!

So, for the price of a couple Bath cupcakes....we made 24!

A word of caution...I suspect the little silver balls would take out a loose filling!

Now excited at the prospect of being a cupcake diva, I have spent the GDP of some distant foreign state ordering a Wilton wire cupcake stand...and lots of the pretty decorations...BF has also found where to find the butterflies.....where would we be without Googledom?

I wonder how many calories might reside within a Magnolia cupcake? 
Mmm, on second thoughts, perhaps it's better to eat in ignorance!