Thursday, 30 October 2008

Alter Snogging and Cold Chicken

OOOPs - this blogging absenteeism is feeble I know, but it's been a busy month...becoming 40 is high maintenance I've decided!

For my actual Birthday I snuck off with my Bestest Friend (BF) to a fabulous spa for a couple of days of pampering...and an attempt to make me look a little less ancient (BF doesn't have this problem).
The hotel was lovely, firstly because it didn't look like an hotel at all, and secondly because everything was pretty perfect (which is saying something, as I'm famously fussy). 
Thankfully it was the kind of establishment which echews cabbage leaves for supper, and we ate very well indeed, a gorgeous Autumn menu with black truffle pasta, venison and pigeon...we modestly shared a pud - our tummies being quite full of game, champagne, French Martini and Vino. 
We wandered back to our room, laughing at how our children have had thousands of sleepovers together, yet this was our first! 
Our lovely husbands were 'home alone' with the children...while we sat in our beds drinking delicious vintage champagne (she is a fabulous best friend) and watching "Sex in the City" on the most enormous plasma screen telly!

The next day after a delicious breakkie and another round of primping and pummling we returned to reality...but not too quickly. My lovely Godson had given me the treat of meeting Michel Roux, a literary lunch and his new book "Pastry" (a fav personal subject of mine).
I was rather slow to come back to earth after a fab massage, so unfortunately  we were rather late for the ladies literary lunch, and we racked up at the end a little bit flustered and hungry...Best Friend whisked the remains of the MOST delicious tomato tart away from the exiting waitress, and we queued up to meet M. Roux.  
The Maestro is in his 70's and looks a little fragile, but don't be fooled, he had all us Wives of Bath drooling at his fab French accent, huge charisma and fantastic food, when we reached the head of the queue he looked perky, sitting in front of the Alter (this church having previously had Nigella 'preach'!)
Well, we had just spent two days being primped and pummled into utter what could a red blooded Frenchman do but take the opportunity of snogging and squeezing two of his youngest fans? 
The older tweed clad ladies behind us got extremely shirty about not getting snogged, one demanded "What if I say it's my Birthday, do I get a kiss?" The King of Pastry replied with a dismissive gaelic shrug and twinkly eye - what could he do? "We are in a church" he reminded her.
We were a smidge late picking up our offspring from the I raced in, the other Mothers were filtering out...THREE of them asked me if I'd had Botox?!!!!! I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or an insult - hopefully it's the former?! Or was it an inditement of how ropey I looked before? Mmmmm.

More Birthday spoiling followed, with the prettiest cake...

(BF is utter Domestic Goddess) and tea party...when the Husband appeared, at her house, I did think it was a tad suspicious....she took my offspring, and he took me off for a night of passion at our favourite local hotel (I know who got the better end of that deal...I owe her a very big favour indeed!)
More fab food later (there's a theme here!) which was utterly spoiling I was very happy, but what made me feel very pampered indeed was how much BF and Husband had made the treats just go on and mid life crisis here -being 40 is fabulous...and one more gorgeous treat to come!

Of course this is the real world, so it was back to reality with a very large BUMP...a phonecall from school on the way home to report No 2 child is playing up, and not doing her homework....could we go in and discuss?...grrrrrr, just when you think all is fluffy bunnies and heavenly - why is that?

Anyhow, now it really is business as usual, back to school runs and chickens....speaking of which they aren't laying very well (they are moulting),  one is very bald much so that this morning I had to fashion a 'jumper' out of an old pair of knitted tights, it should keep her warm - it's a polo neck affair in fushia pink. Hopefully she'll be as happy a Hen as I!

So 'Thank you' BF for being such a wonderful one, and 'Thank you' Husband for being so spoily...I'm a very lucky 'old bag' indeed!