Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Mrs G, mentor and all round good egg wrote today about a silly youthful moment she once had, and asked us to confess our silliest moments....there have been quite a few - where to begin?

At 16 I went to stay with an old friend of mine in Dorset - the lucky thing had been given a flat by her parents - so staying with her always felt so grown up!
This time, I arrived and was introduced to her new beau -  a bit of a 'Rupert' but polite enough!
After a late supper my friend (she was the first to call me Hen) and I decided it might be fun to go to a club..."No" said the young Tory boyfriend....he detested nightclubs....instead he made the suggestion of....
....dressing up as Roundheads and Cavaliers and driving to Corfe Castle for a walk....wouldn't that be amusing?

MMM, wasn't I glad he wasn't MY boyfriend?

Apparently, this was what he did at weekends (being a member of the Sealed Knot) - it was two against one (she was still in the first flush of love with him, and eager to please) I joined in (still thinking the club would have been much more fun).

She, He & Me..and the dog got in the car, and drove off to the castle!

The ruins of Corfe Castle look pretty creepy during the day - I have to tell you they look like something out of a horror movie at midnight!

We walked half way round the castle mount...when my friend and I both noticed a really strong smell of lemon! At the same time the dog started barking ferociously. She and I scrabbled around in the undergrowth trying to find the source of the smell - wherever we walked the smell appeared to follow us, but could not be found.

After a while, and being unable to console the dog, 'Rupert' began to wonder if he knew the source of this scent...."Hmmm" he pondered in all seriousness...."I believe this is the Castle ghost".....quicker than you can say 'grease lighting' us girls ran for our lives...and the silly boyfriend followed - his sword clanking against his armour as we made a dash for the car park.

Running through Corfe village dressed as Cavaliers at midnight - we must have made a bizarre sight, and all was well until a car full of drunken locals spotted us, and gave chase!

I can tell you, while we hid in a doorway gasping for breath, I did think it was just about the silliest thing I had ever done...

until the next time I made a bad decision!

As a postcript - the boyfriend turned out to be much creepier than the ghost!