Thursday, 10 July 2008

Prize day

Three hours of sitting through junior prize giving today left me feeling a wee bit gloomy and cynical...the way our prize day is structured means that my offspring have zero chance of winning anything.
Every year I watch on while the same ones win effort prizes (mmm, since mine see it as their mission in life to do the bare minimum, and spend the rest of the time having fun - little chance there then!). 
Then there are the ones who excell in sport, and win armfuls of huge silver cups.... mine will never get those either!
No 2's end of term report was a classic -
P.E and Games:
No 2 made a good start to P.E. this year, although she often forgets her kit 
(for this read deliberately hides it behind the changing room radiator) and cannot compete competiitively without this. 
She lacks confidence in hockey and netball, and at times can be easily distracted by others, which often results in missing key information....
(translation: No 2 is a total gossip who ignores all my lectures on the joys of netball).
By Miss England Sports Team Jolly Hockeysticks Teacher.

Shame they don't give out prizes for being a bookworm ...or for chutzpah!
The schools favourite way of describing her is 'lively' - this is teacher speak for a fidgit who talks too much!

Anyhow, now it's me that's 'off task', what I was driving at was that it's been one of 'those' days...
Today was only lightened so far by karma dealing a blow to the snooty mother who gave me a smug look when I 'skipped' my little the end of prize-giving the Headmaster announced that somebody had illegally parked their huge, black, posh, four wheel drive... had been towed away, and taken to the Police pound!!!! 
She really would have been better off parking the car in a skip like I did!

So it really was extra specially lovely to receive this from Green Girl -

THANK YOU! That was the perfect warm and fuzzy feeling that I needed this afternoon!!

This award is to be continued around the glorious world of bloggydom....what an easy task...

  1. Mary Alice - I can always rely on a stream of love and wisdom from the frontlines.
  2. Jen - she juggles her life with such good humor and such a huge capacity for caring for others.
  3. Suburban Correspondent - the ultimate mother....10 months of blogging and I now can't manage my children without her lists!
  4. Life as I Know It - gentle and funny.
  5. The Mom Bomb - I have to give her this.....or she'll blow!
  6. Mary - the rocking Matron...what would we do without her wayward, work shy students, dramatic children, scary journeys and impossible weather!
  7. Alice Band - for services to motherhood, kitten breeding, shopping and flirting with foreign dignitaries.
  8. TXPoppet - for fabulous canned laughter and gorgeously retro graphics.
  9. Clare Grant for making me grateful, and seeing 3BT everyday.
  10. Vlashka - at Mr B's...this is her first award - and out does the 'Nibby' by  an awfully long way! (just joking Nic!)

Thank you all for making my day so many times over, for making me laugh so hard my stomach aches, for making me cry, for being able to see that everyone is dealing with the same things, for the ace suggestions in childcare....and for always looking on the bright side...this is for you!