Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Incy Problem

Of late, the beautiful, sleek, German that shares our house has been having a little problem, she sits on the drive and wails, the Husband who is terribly fond of her, can't work out what is causing the problem, and it's been troubling him greatly.

Funnily enough this has only been happening since the Husband started cycling to work, perhaps Helga misses being taken to the office everyday? Temper, temper Helga!

Anyhow the wife and children were dispatched the other day to take Helga to a doctor ....obviously she had to see the best....but which one....the main dealership half an hour from home, that we usually use? No! Let's send everyone on a 'day out' and ask them to take Helga up the motorway for a hour to.....(wait for it).....SWINDON 
(deep intake of breath).

Swindon is quite a special place - not for it's beauty, but for the incredible fact that every part of it looks exactly the same, and it is utterly overpopulated by roundabouts....which again, all look exactly the same...even Helga's sat nav got confused.

After a lot of driving around in circles, and saying unrepeatable things about the husband, we were at the point of abandoning this trip and heading for home, when we spotted Helga's saviour, we handed her over to the men in white coats.
We sat for over a hour while she was examined, tested and monitored...

...the girls were very good, they played with the drinks machines, and made the whole showroom hot chocolate, which I am certain the staff appreciated (ha,ha,ha)!

Eventually, our expert appeared, to give his analysis of the situation...he looked grave...

"Well, Mrs Hen," he said, "we've run every test we can, and she's not showing any problems, I suspect that it could be...."

We didn't let him finish, for us girls had been suspecting the reason for Helga's symptoms for weeks......
...."Is a spider setting off the alarm?"

"Most likely" replied the expert, looking relieved at our reaction.

We rolled around the showroom floor clutching our stomachs and not even attempting to conceal our snorts of laughter (we did think it was funny even after the terrible journey).

"The best thing to do..." suggested the expert, concealing a smirk......"is hoover the car!"

All that fabulous german technology....and it's the good old hoover that saves the day!

We drove home, laughing like drains....and couldn't wait to tell the Husband about Helga's Incy Wincy problem!