Friday, 4 July 2008

Accessories for boys.

"The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys."

I don't know who originally said it...but they must have been female...and they must have a Husband just like mine!

The Husband loves his toys - the most impressive was the sports car which he built himself, sadly it had to be sold when No 2 child arrived and we needed a car with 4 seats :-( .

Like most men he loves a gadget, he and friends discuss them (!) and love knowing who has got the biggest strimmer / mower / circular saw - bless! 
They are wired so differently from us!

The Husbands latest 'thing' is cycling to work....brought on when he moved jobs, and went into an office full of fitness supremos - within a fortnight he too, had joined the high vis' jacket crowd!

Yesterday he purchased some new cycling shorts and some special gloves with gel padding (such soft hands)...all went unnoticed until this morning, when he emerged wearing the new gear.
From downstairs, I could hear raucous laughter and hoots of derision from the girls....not normally given to laughing that early in the day. The cause of this humour....seeing their lycra clad father dressed in what have now been nicknamed "Susannah and Trinny magic knickers". However, the loudest squeals were a result of seeing the packaging for the gloves.

As you all know, men love techno not only do the new gloves have ' 3mm gel padding under chamude palm pads', 'articulated palms' and "airprene cuffs'....they also have a built in terry towelling NOSE WIPE....

....darlings, it's the latest thing I tell you....!  How yukky?

It might be lucky to have your glove picked up for you if you drop it....just somebody remind me - never pick up cycling gloves - you'll know what's on them!