Monday, 16 June 2008

Long service medal

This month, 'my Husband and I' have been married for 15 years - I am relieved to report the years have whizzed by - and it doesn't feel like that long at all!

So as the anniversary neared, I dreamt up a suitable present - (it's the crystal anniversary, about time for it to be something decent, after years of foil, string or wood).

Glasses - mmm, no, we're not keen on cut glass, and the beautiful plain crystal glasses we had as a wedding present have all been smashed by dinner guests too smashed themselves to realise they had dropped expensive little numbers from Germany...
...We ended replacing those with cheap £1.99 copies from Habitat to avoid having to make the 'no problem' faces, when we actually wanted to sob....  So that option was out!

Most other glassy ideas were too girlie - I concluded that cufflinks were a good option for the boy who has everything...I found some gorgeous Babette Wasserman Amethyst cufflinks - perfect for my purple loving, 1960's,  husband!

The day dawned....his card greeted me as I opened my sleepy eyes to my morning cuppa... rocks - damn, damn, damn
But inside his card lurked a lovely present - a Extravagant Mr B's Spa Treatment!

For those of you who don't live near Bath - Apologies - our award winning bookstore will out trump most things....on this occasion, it even out trumped rocks!

A Mr B's Swag Bag.

This morning I tripped off to be indulged in book heaven!
Nic welcomed me into the cosy armchair with a cup of tea and a very gooey literary likes and dislikes were discussed, and probably appalled him - (as I discussed over at the virtual bookclub last week   please read it - not for my thoughts, but for a peek at the swooneyness of Mr Docx).

Like an attentive and intelligent assistant in a chic shoe store, Nic brought his selections of books and laid them at my feet (my hands full of brownie).
Just as one would feel spoilt for choice surrounded by boxes of Jimmy Choo's, I struggled to make my 'directors cut' of those books that would make it home with me.
Another cup of tea, and a little input from Juliette, and I made my choices...hope you all approve - I'd especially love to know what you think of these - if you have read them!

How do you rate this as a long service medal? It's an eclectic selection - best not analysed too deeply - I'm not sure what it might say about me!
I'm off now to drink my Mr B's hot chocolate and  read....mmm, which one first?