Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Our dining room looks over the beautiful valley which stretches out for miles in front of us, it's a fabulous view, we love the rolling fields and the trees, the animals and birds. Living here we quickly saw at first hand how cruel nature can be, but I didn't quite expect what happened this week!

We have a resident Sparrowhawk - he is rather handsome, and we have watched him a couple of times take garden birds 'out to lunch'... but this has always been from a distance.... until now!

The other day, after breakfast, the girls regaled me with an improbable tale about birds chasing each other into the dining room window, I have to admit it did sound like a bit of a shaggy dog story.
Later, while bimbling around in the Kitchen I heard -


It was a noise equal to a bomb going off, and I have to admit it rattled me. I nervously ran into the dining room (from wence the noise had come) fully expecting to see windows blown out or some kind of terrible wreckage. My mind raced, rationally I knew there should be no frightening explanation for the noise, but the sound had been SO HUGE!
As I ran into the room, I spotted an exploding ball of white feathers in my line of sight just the other side of the glass. In slow motion the feathers fluttered to the ground below. With a huge sense of relief I thought -phew, just a bird flying into the window again, my shoulders untensed and relaxed!
Curiosity took me to the window where I saw this -

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather!
There he was - staring back at me... with attitude! WOW - what a photo opportunity.... I ran off to find the camera... skidding across the parquet floor, losing balance and polishing the floor with my bottom! 
I grabbed the camera and skidded back into the dining room....still there, I couldn't believe my luck...
...I turned on the camera, and up popped a little message 'change battery pack'....
....cursing loudly, I slipped back across the parquet and grabbed my phone...ran back to the window fully expecting the bird to have gone.
But no, there he sat, with an arrogant expression on his feathery face! Triumphant I held up the phone to take a picture, and with another expression (a 'naff off' one) he flew off with the pigeon in his talons!

Left as the only evidence of this explosion was a white imprint of the pigeon on the window - like a comedy outline from a cartoon....except the last laugh was from hawk!

Photo courtesy of google images.