Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My Girl

Little No 2 had a birthday today....and I have to get my head round the idea that my baby isn't a baby anymore!

She's ten!

All parents think their offspring are beautiful... but this one really is!

When given the option of what treat to choose for her big day she chose -
  1. Having a 'flicky' haircut.
  2. Lunch
  3. Shopping for a new dress.
  4. Buying lip gloss
  5. Taking afternoon tea and cakes at a lovely hotel.

So over the course of the day, my little one transformed - butterfly like into a elegant, older miss. 
We watched while she got her first proper haircut (cringed when she told the hairdresser that I normally do this, at home, with the dog scissors), we laughed and enjoyed our lunch...then wandered through the shops in relaxed mood. We watched, amused while little miss was taken seriously while choosing her first lip gloss and trundled off for the most delicious tea, cake and mocktails, collaspsing after too much cake, happy and complete! Hugs, cuddles and 'thank you's' then home.

It was all very simple stuff - what made it lovely was that we were all together, she wanted us to be together - Daddy, Big Miss, Little Miss and me...
... I found it hard to believe ten years ago she was a tiny little scrap - time has flown so fast.

She can be challenging, high maintenance, but the love she gives us is so huge, so overwhelming. 
That was a very special day, that day, ten years back....and she's made it special ever since.

For me, she will always be my baby, but baby, how she's grown!