Monday, 19 May 2008

Camp weekend.

We've had another lovely weekend.

Friday night we pretended to be 'away'......and camped in the garden - the children loved it, but the husband who previously has been a big advocate of the great outdoors, has obviously gone soft in his old age! He whined all night that camping was really uncomfortable ...ha,ha,ha,ha, - that's just what I'd been telling him, all those years that we actually did go on camping holidays!
For me - I enjoyed the change, sleeping under the stars, all that fresh air and noises of nature....the birds, the trees, the sheep...OK, so it wasn't all that peaceful  - but it was fun!

Saturday, the children clamoured for another night under the stars - but we had friends to this involved major military style manoeuvers to erect larger tent (when I say larger - for this read big - very BIG). Then of course, the children wanted to fill it with furniture - including the kitchen sink. 

We left them to it while friends arrived and left (they left some of their children behind - it's OK they're not forgetful, just on their way to wedding!) 
We spent a relaxed afternoon, my Gorgeous Godson being an absolute angel child - at 18 mths old - and no hint of a temper tantrum....
...mind you this could have been a result of having his favourite toy to play with - my vacuum cleaner, sadly he doesn't like it turned on, shame,  I could have ended up with a seriously clean house!
Some of the older children squabbled... but I ignored this, working on Suburban Correspondent's theory of childcare - that you don't intervene unless blood is shed! It worked!
GG a baby and woke ready to play with a huge smile - why weren't my babies so easy?
We had a campfire supper, and fell asleep early - including the children - easiest sleepover  - ever!!! 
Maybe it was the fresh air?

Sunday, GG awoken by No 2 and friend - not too bad - it's 6.30am and GG has been asleep for 11 hours - WOW - why did neither of mine do that
Happy GG sits eating boiled egg and soldiers, then continues playing with the "oover".
Husband and I prep lunch for 10 and tea for another 5 - we never seem to do things by halves!
In the midst of this organised chaos I get a phone call from the Chair of the Village Committee - can he come round now to discuss my ideas for a village show?

Well, dear readers, I have been trying of late to learn when to say "no", but I find it very hard - and often I say "yes" -  I have ended up doing things I didn't want to, or feeling put upon, but this year I had resolved to myself that I would try harder in this department and avoid the feelings of frustration which happen when I say "Yes" but really mean "No".

So, I opened my mouth....I willed the word "No" to come out, I almost managed it, but instead a hysterical cackle emerged... thankfully the chap in question must have realised he caught me at a busy time, and he enquired to this effect....
I gave him the low down on our Sunday plans....and you won't believe how quickly he went off the idea of visiting me on a day when we had 15 guests - 9 of them children......and you would be so proud, I managed to follow through with  "......No, today isn't a good moment."

We had a lovely day - relaxed lunch with very, very dear friends, then had tea with inspirational ones... we watched the children's psuedo 'gangster rap' video, starring GG as '25 Cent' (well, he is only little) - this was a complete hoot...
...and I have learnt to say "No" - all in all, an excellent weekend!