Wednesday, 30 April 2008


I've blogged before about No 2's rotten teeth - a result of having chicken pox at 6 weeks old.
We've waited quite a long time for the perfect (in terms of the other teeth) time for them to be removed - and yesterday was the big day!

They were to be removed under general anesthetic (which really made me feel anxious).
After the worry over the anesthetic I was suprised when the anesthetist did it so quickly than neither No 2 or I saw it coming, and such was the shock from the speed, that I didn't have a chance to get emotional!

My dear friend 'Gordon' was there to 'hold my hand' - she was brilliant, talking at me and stopping me from watching the clock!

The husband arrived (by the skin on his teeth - haha) just before No 2 came round.

The waking up was by far the worst part, she looked so distressed, blood pouring out of her mouth - really ghastly.

There is something about seeing your child so shaky and upset, that makes your stomach turn over.

The only humour was found when we opened the little envelope which contained her tusks - don't look at these if you get queasy!

The shock of seeing these monsters caused us to burst out laughing at the absurdity of something so massive coming out of her tiny gums. Nervous laughter?

I thought you might like to show the following images to your children what can go wrong in the tooth dept - it might shock them into being fastidious!!

Here's a really horrid close up of a cavity!

I hope I haven't put you off your suppers!

No 2 and I have spent today on the sofa in a nest of duvets and pillows, watching movies and eating ice -cream.

She's been sick (apparently a result of swallowing blood - yuk - too gruesome) but looks a bit brighter this school tomorrow I think. Dr Mummy prescribes more love, more ice - cream, more movies!