Thursday, 24 April 2008


Last night, as we drove home, we saw our lovely neighbour, normally the most cheerful person, he was looking uncharacteristically  sad.
We were too when we discovered the reason for his unhappy face - his very beautiful (inside & outside) blonde wife has been diagnosed with skin cancer!

BB (beautiful blonde) is younger than me, fit as a fiddle and has two tiny children. 
Seeing them with worry etched on their faces had my stomach in knots - how is it such a lovely, sweet couple get this **** thrown at them? It seems so horribly unfair.

I believe in karma - but honestly they are too nice to have put out any bad - so how is it that things happen this way?

They are being very positive and apparently the cancer isn't as bad as it could have been, but it is aggressive, she has to have more skin snipped away just to make sure they got everything the first time....but positivity aside I can see their worry.

As BB is very fair  - she thankfully was 'mole aware' a moley person, now I will be paranoid - please check your moles everyone.

And please, whatever your faith....could you will BB to be clear and safe.