Monday, 28 April 2008

Laundry Obsessives Anonymous

Mrs G (top gal) and Jenn (admirably orderly) have recently discussed 

the stress that is laundry.

I feel forced to pitch in with my two penny's worth of thought on this matter, as prior to the instigation of the new DC laundry regime....the laundry reduced me to tears!

My husband and children have a different outlook on laundry to me (I think, as a result of never actually doing the laundry themselves), they have a predaliction for creating more laundry than is truly necessary - No 2 especially, sees it as her one gal mission in life to create Mount Laundry - this is because, in the past she has viewed it as a means to 'tidying up her room'. Groan!

As a result of stupid amounts of my time being wasted washing things which are actually clean, and then putting them away, I devised a new hard line 'Basket' system - mainly to prevent me being a basket case! 
This is how it works-

  1. Each person has a basket, into which their clean clothes are deposited.
  2. Each person is responsible for 'putting away' (this totally avoids "Mummy, where's my....")
  3. Any clean laundry sneaked into the wash to avoid 'putting away' is immediately put back in the offenders basket.
  4. Lined up, the baskets give a very visible message about who is creating the most mess.
  5. Bad offenders get bigger baskets, and therefore have more 'putting away'.

Initially the laundry load was roughly the size of Mount Etna, but it's amazing how quickly the contents are shrinking - having to deal with their outfall definitely focuses their minds!

I put away any linen - tidily so I can find things quickly -

I am aided and abetted in my regime by my friend the Aga (these pics are for Jen). 
Having an Aga isn't very 'green' if you just look at it as a cooker, but they really are more than that... after making some morning Aga toast...

I neatly fold the wet laundry on the top and front....
as a result I don't need a dryer...and most things get 'ironed' by the heat from the Aga - HURRAH! no ironing!

I use ecologically friendly washing powder -

which basically means that the laundry never comes out startlingly white - shame!

Just in case you were beginning to imagine that Domestically Challenged is actually Domestic Goddess, don't be fooled - this is the only area of our household which has any of the rest of the building site which is our house would have you running scared!