Thursday, 17 April 2008

I can be Bossy too!

Bossy too? - most people who know me would tell you I invented the word.......
I can't defend my bossyness - What can I say? I am a control freak - Phew, never been to AA, but maybe just admitting it is terribly good for one?

Anyhow - my little grey cells were thinking what to blog next....and inspired by The Mom Bomb's lovely pussy
(that made your ears prick up) awarding me a lovely prezzie, and by Mrs G sharing her fun time with Bossy...the grey cells formulated a plan!

I haven't got time for a road trip....but how is this for an idea?

We have a little competition to find an initial winner of my favourite recipe book....

The Question is: Which area of Italy is filled with Trulli and Olive groves?

I'll send the book to the winner, who then cooks ones of the recipes, blogs about it, and sends it on to another foodie blogger, who repeats this amusement....and so on, and so on, it goes on - with the idea being that the book eventually wends it way back across the pond, complete with lots of comments within written  by all you glorious gals out there in Blogland - 
I selfishly end up with something really very special, and we all might learn some delicious new recipes on the way.
We could then repeat again, with someone else starting and ending the process.

I could just be being really Bossy.....but I'm hoping instead you'll think this is fun! :-)

What do you think?