Friday, 25 April 2008

Cheeky Georgian Boyfriends

We all know how fond Mrs G is of her secret boyfriends, and her passion for my neighbour Johnny D - we can't blame her, he is rather beautiful after all!
Like Mr G, my Husband is quite safe...mainly as a consequence of my secret boyfriends being 250 years old - as I go weak at the knees at Mr Darcy and Mr Darcy...

Mr Darcy the first

Brrrrrrrrr (little shiver of delight)

Colin Firth of course! He of the wet shirt

....very delectable, and he still makes me go weak at the knees....but hold onto your bodices ladies, there is also 'Mr Darcy the second'.....

Rupert Penry Jones - "oh Rupert you are too gorgeous".....quite scrummy, and definitely on my boudoir access list!

What do you think ladies? Do you approve? If you're not sure take a peek at this-

OOOOH, can't we just imagine him appearing out of a lake in sheer, wet, linen..... 
(knees wobbling)
I can't believe you're still not convinced?

.....Oh good grief, still not falling for him? Try this for size!

Auntie M, have I perchance, perked you up this evening?

With sincere thanks to Google Images for the photos - no really THANK YOU Google, ......especially for the last one!