Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Clare Grant's 3BT

Last night I finished John Naish's book "Enough"- WOW - that book has really crystalised lots of things I was already thinking about...and has made me think about lots more besides.
I felt very unsettled, and should have been asleep, but my brain was whirring !

In the final section of his book he applauds Clare Grant's blog - her blog is a tool to allow her appreciate all the positive things which happen during a day - the small 'unimportant' things....which put together make us feel grateful, which make us feel happier, which make us feel 'grounded'.

It works - I had a bit of a **** day yesterday - but this changed when I got out of bed at midnight (unable to sleep after finishing the book), I sat on the stairs in the dark, opened my laptop and found "Three Beautiful Things" made me think what were that days 3 positives....and there were three - easily!

And My 3BT today..

Korat cats love each other very much -

Blackberry and Custard learn to fly - Custard makes it onto Marjorie's back!

Doogs finished our new kitchen table....the surface is just as beautiful as I hoped, when we found the hunk of Elm tree, blackened and almost with a lot of love from him it's something we will appreciate every day.

So I'm laying down a challenge to all you gorgeous bloggers out there - I know that you are a pretty positive bunch (even in the face of adversity). So, come on - I want to see or hear about your three beautiful things....

Hen x


For those appreciative bloggers who liked the table...these are for you!

This is 'before'

And after the Doogs has been busy!

Dougal Black Furniture