Sunday, 13 April 2008

Busy Bee

Wow, it's been a really busy week - unusually for me I've been doing 'proper' work, all of which required lots of concentrating - lots of meetings and describing - I'm pooped!

I'm jolly glad I'm not normally that busy - I've had no time to blog, no time to read...but, Hurrah - it's done and normal service can be resumed!

Added to the mix last week, I broke my Kitchen Aid mixer - and let's face it you do have to be doing something pretty stupid to manage that! I wandered off,  mid dough making...the dough jammed the hook, and I wrecked the gears - which reduced me to tears!
Anyhow, the reason for telling you about this, is that Kitchen Aid were absolutely sporting - I rang and confessed my mistake - the next day UPS picked it up, a week later they delivered it back....fixed - AND FOR FREE! I'm impressed and very grateful!

I wanted to share this photo with you -

Amongst the frantic concentration last week, we sneaked off briefly for a stiff drink at the pub in Castle Combe - it looked weird - the same as it usually does, but always looks old and quaint.....but not quite like this!
Security men guarded the roads in, huge lighting trucks had parked in the normally beautifully manicured lawns of the larger houses and lots of houses had been turned into "shops", and all traces of modern day living had been scrubbed out!
The mysterious cause was that yet again the village was being used as a film set - this time "Wolf Man" with Anthony Hopkins.
So, there we sat, outside the pub (except that now it's a greengrocers) amongst all the film crew and their preparations. Sipping or drinks, perched on the last remnant of the 20th century - a picnic bench (only half an hour to go before the film set remove said bench and shut the village!)
Snowflakes began to fall, to complete the chocolate box scene.....a lady on the next table piped up "OOOH, look they've even made it snow..."
The crew looked unerved.....for twas not man made was the real deal....and the "Wolf Man" wasn't planned to be set in a snowscene!!! 

The village remained closed for the next couple of days, lit up at night for night filming - so bright that we could see the glow! Then the circus packed up shop, and moved on to Lacock...who spend every other week playing host to film crews - it must be weird living somewhere which constantly gets turned back 200 years!