Tuesday, 1 April 2008


After a few late nights we are all a little tired, so we took it easy this afternoon, the girls and I played Bananagrams - it's like Scrabble without boundaries!

Each player takes 21 tiles, then using your own tiles you make interlocking words - your partners do the same with their own tiles, the first player to use up her tiles (without cheating) shouts "BANANAGRAMS" and wins!

It's a great game - which was given to us by my friend Gordon.

Obviously you try to use up the letters with a few longish words, that make you look half intelligent, or if you're like me you hope for a dream selection from which you could spell lots of related words - very satisfying!

A dream selection could be

Although, more often they look like this -

The children use it to get my attention....

Has anyone else got a good Bananagram?