Wednesday, 23 April 2008

And the winner is......

My challenge to circulate Claudia Roden's "Taste of Italy" round the world - giving recipe joy begins with the winner of my Trulli question...

....but four lovely bloggers gave the right answer - Puglia - or as the Italians would call it Apulia!
The most fabulously unspolit area of Italy, with the best food, and fantastic chefs!

Kit, Juggling Jen, Smalltown Mom and Scrappy Sue all got it right....but how to choose who goes first? Tricky, but I took an idea from the Mom Bomb - we have no Joey the cat here, but we do have Ambrose....

"Ambrose, would you mind helping me to pick a winner?"

"Meow, get lost, I'm far too superior to help you, meow!"

"Chikkies, will you help me?"

"OOOH no, we're busy climbing ladders and standing in food bowls - very important chicken work don't you know!"

"Who is going to help me? The children are at school.....and I can't do the choosing...."
"I know, I'll get the hairy hound to decide." "I know something she simply won't be able to resist..... balls (the hound has OCD with tennis balls)."

Hairy hound adores fresh tennis balls, but due to a very small (but loud) mouth can only pick up one at a time.

And Hairy Hound chose Juggling Jen's ball as the most delicious! Congratulations Jen!
Thrilled with the prospect of chewing a new fluffy tennis ball, she retreated to her favourite spot...

Hiding underneath the summerhouse means you can chew tennis balls in peace!

Jen if you email me your address I will post 'Claudia' off to you pronto - and I'm really looking forward to hearing how the big Italian cook up goes! 
Ciao Bellas
xxxx Hen xxxx