Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Sure as Eggs is Eggs?

Last night I watched Channel 4's "Fake Trade".
Correction, I watched, HORRIFIED as they exposed the extent to which the Chinese have cornered the market in faked products.

Forget the sad fake handbags and watches - now it's fake breast cancer drugs and Eggs - YES, I did just write Eggs...just how warped is the world when people actually fake such a basic item?

Read this!

and this!

How much does it cost to feed a chicken - practically nothing, so why, oh, why would it occur to anyone to even think of making a fake egg?
Apparently the fake eggs cause dementia....well obviously you don't get that from a real egg - so is that the fake egg's unique selling point?
Somehow I suspect not.

How did our planet get in this state?
I think the answer is greed of biblical proportions - and the Chinese can't be made to take the blame on their own - all too many Western companies have chosen to take production to China - to increase their profits and decrease their responsibilities...and I guess a bit of that blame passes on to us consumers....

Only today, whilst in a local bathroom showroom admiring some beautifully engineered German taps, I was told of a cheaper version of these desirable objects - dear readers I think you can guess where the cheap copies came from?

It's going to be tough, but I'm going ethical....I know it will be very difficult, but I am going to have a jolly good try.

Speaking of which, APOLOGIES to my lovely, 'potty' friend for my evangelical chicken lecture. She pointed out some tragic tiny £2.99 birds at her local farm shop, and thought they were free range - they jolly well weren't - but the deceitful picture of a pretty field on the wrapper had advised her otherwise. I collared the butcher and made him confess to her, that they were in fact badly brought up chickens, who had not frolicked around in a field with their mates.
Sorry, I was having a 'Hugh' moment!

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I post this in memory of Margot (2006 - 2008)
A chicken who knew how to lay an exceedingly good egg.