Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Since I started blogging at the end of last year, I have read soul searching blogs, self deprecating blogs, funny blogs, even funnier blogs, and lots of really touching blogs.
The Internet is capable of being an awful place, but it is also a very gentle place - I have read beautifully written pieces about battling illness, about caring for others, in fact the blogs that I read are more often than not like this.
I feel really privileged to 'meet' such open hearted people.
Some bloggers have really impressed me with their love and kindness - whether it's blogging about a specific problem, or just commenting - it is possible to see who is compassionate, who has a kind heart!

I've also seen other awards...but these are usually for writing something cool, funny or fabulous...I felt it was time for a kind heart award!

So here, created by my own fair hand (the ones with worrying signs of age spots) is the new award!

I award this to -

Mary Alice for always seeing the positive in everything and everybody.

Minnasota Matron for saintly services to education - her patience goes well beyond her duty.

Jo for being deep and calm.

Suburban Correspondent for Mothering SO many children...I feel weak at the idea of her responsibilities.

I hope you like this award...please pass it on to anyone else who has a beautiful soul.