Sunday, 10 February 2008

Virtual traveller

From one extreme to another, after religion and politics (how can I top them) I decided we needed something light!

Since Spring seems to have sprung ... I thought I'd take you lovely blogging girlies out for the day - virtually!

When we have guests to stay we suggest ideas of things to do or visit in or around Bath - so I'm going to give you the same options - and you can choose where to 'virtually go'!

1 The Roman Baths - Bath
2 Georgian Bath
3 Lacock Abbey and village - you would recognise this village from 100's of films!
4 Dyrham Park - beautiful 18th Century house and garden now National Trust
5 A country walk
6 Shopping in Tetbury (cotswold town & home to Prince Charles)
7 Stourhead - stunning 18th garden now owned by the National Trust

The place with the most votes gets chosen for our first trip!
Answers by Tuesday please....I will post the trip later in the week!
See you - virtually!