Thursday, 14 February 2008


I woke this morning to the arrival of my usual cup of tea - I can't function without this first cup of tea - and I love him to bits for bringing me my cup of salvation every morning.
I opened one eye and spotted a red envelope - ooooh! I opened the other eye and spotted a Jo Malone bag....oooh today was looking very positive indeed!

I gave the lovely husband his card and pressie from me, and with great expectation (because he ALWAYS writes such great things) I ripped open the card.
The children clocked my stunned expression and came and read the card....there was a deafening silence!

"Well" said No 2, with her hands on her hips "You are going to have to do something very special to get out of this" (she is 9)!

The reason for this silence - the normally poetic, erudite husband had written "Thank you for being my special friend".....
she's right...he's going to have to dig deep to get out of this one!

That will teach me for being smug about Valentines day!
What a bummer.

UPDATE!! The Husband said - "that's the last time I write a card at 6am"!