Monday, 4 February 2008

Blind date?

Mrs G over at Derfwad Manor -
wrote a great blog yesterday - she set me thinking about blind dates I have known!

A great South African friend of mine would pick up strange (yes, I do mean strange) men off the tube - it was always amazing to me that she never came to any harm...going off into the night to spend the evening with a total stranger.
She would tell us "He has this amazing smile....." it left us hardened Londoners breathless, we admired her level of trust...but also feared it.

For me, I have only ever had three blind dates -

1 Arranged by aformentioned friend - enigmatic smiler, but did absolutely nothing for me, to be honest I wanted to leave the supper table after five minutes. All my friends will be shocked - I love my food, but not enough this time!!

2 Arranged by a colleague who fixed me up with her tall, blonde Scandnavian banker brother - all looked terrifc, the evening centered around a ball at a club in London - it all sounds fantastic doesn't it.....and to be honest it was....until we danced!
He could groove with the best of them, but this was the Eighties....a bad time fashionwise.
I had gone to a huge amount of effort with my frock (it can only be described as this) it was a short ball gown with purple velvet strapless bodice, and a shot taffeta purple and pink skirt, which had shocking pink net underskirt to make it stick out (blah!).
All was well until I really got into the groove (I can't remember the song - I have blocked it out for mental reasons!) but there we were twirling around...then I noticed his face had changed - did he think my dancing was uncool? Had my make up run? Sadly, NO....
...due to my lack of boobs, the frock had turned round! The front was at the back....and lo, the low back was revealing my concave chest......mmmmmm.
He looked mortified, rooted to the spot staring at where a generous bosom might have been, I was mortified too and had a cinderella moment... I legged it!
You won't be suprised to hear, 'Prince Charming' didn't come chasing after me!

3 The South African friend then arranged another blind date for herself, which had a spin off blind date for moi.......and the rest as they say is history, and almost two decades later here we are......I still love him with all my heart, he is my best friend, my soul mate (don't throw up)....he makes me feel so content and so lucky.

So it just goes to find your prince you do have to 'kiss a few frogs'....some of which won't be quite what you hoped for....but you can also strike gold.