Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Bathing Beauty?

This time last year I would get up, and have a bath in this-

It was lovely, a santuary, a home spa.....then we moved....

and now this is our bathroom...

While I was cleaning it this morning, I thought back to my lovely bathroom, and said to myself "We must be bonkers!"

PEACH - UGH, for me it's the one colour guaranteed to make me twitch, no really, it actually does.
FLORAL MOTIFS - DOUBLE UGH....and we've improved this (unbeliveable, I know) by removing the matching (ugh) Peach shag pile carpet complete with pee,pee stains (blahhhhh).

I'd love to take the person who 'designed' this bathroom to task...I do appreciate in the big scheme of things a dodgy bathroom doesn't rank too highly compared to world debt, poverty, savage wars etc...
But honestly, I hate this room so much, it's a complete aberration and I can't wait to take a sledge hammer to it!

But before the builders move in and save me from a fate worse than a peach bathroom, I wonder if anyone out there can tell me if they have a room uglier than this?

Bet you can't!