Monday, 14 January 2008

It's a dog's life.

I know it's not good to give into 'pester power', but I did!
It all started when No 1 child begged for a Christmas gift for the Dog - (I don't even know if the dog 'has' religion) but it seemed a reasonable enough request...
...until it transpired that the gift in question was winter wardrobe for the hound!

She picked out a 'tasteful' country outfit in brown cord (puffa jacket with brass button detail) and a lightweight jumper to match (with mohair heart detail) - LOVELY!
Even better, the chosen outfit was to be ordered from York......NEW YORK!

So against all better judgement / sanity the aformentioned outfit was duly ordered and shipped Fed Ex...
....the shipping cost more than the outfit (grr, whinge, growl) and guess what?
Well, It may have come from New York's smartest dog boutique, but our hound thought it very "last season" - in order to not be spotted wearing the offending articles...