Friday, 18 January 2008

I have come out of hibernation.

This week I have emerged from hibernation - and if any of you reading this feel like you are still in the winter blues...try the following!

Take a walk round your garden - get inspired by natures effort to 'wake up'! Everything has an air of renewed energy.

Exercise - The other big influence on my feeling 'springy' has been tennis group starting back - thanks Richard!
Getting back into my exercise regime has made me feel much more energetic, albeit rather stiff.

Gee'd back into action by the tennis and even though the rain refuses to give up, I thought I would drag the smelly hound off for a walk. The beautiful valley below us looks very different this week, with the river swollen, it looks dangerously close to bursting it's banks. The water was running very fast, it looked powerful, menacing.

Just as I was enjoying this poetic scene, I noticed the hound wasn't moving- she was stuck up to her armpits in boggy turf, after a pull and a loud squelching noise, we set off home.
The fresh air and rain in my face had made me feel rather invigorated...

...the same can't be said for the hound, who looks as if she would like to go back into hibernation!