Saturday, 5 January 2008

I Have Aged Overnight...

Number 1 child has the Dr Kawashima’s brain training thingy - she insisted that we all take our turn to find out our brain age.....

.....DAY ONE - a brain age of 61, pretty galling as I’m under 40 (just). I couldn’t believe that the little grey cells had got quite so flabby.
I vow to improve, not just because I felt so utterly insulted, but my competitive side got the better of me, and I want to beat my intellectual husband, who usually out computes me in the clever stakes.

.....DAY TWO - what a thrill, I can’t remember what I had for dinner two nights ago, but somehow I have worked out how to play this irritating lump of plastic - and - Ta-Dah! I am now 48! Still ghastly, but ha,ha, - I have beaten the rest of the family by decades - Hurrah! I am invincible!

....DAY THREE - On waking, Number 1 child presents me with cup of tea and the game... apparently she she just done a personal best - I’m under pressure to compete, am half asleep, I am too dozy to refuse.

Oh good grief - I have speed aged overnight - I am now 50!!

There is a television makeover programme called ten years younger - what would they do? ? ? Erm, Surgery, new wardrobe, haircut....

Argh, Panic! Even cosmectic surgery won’t help here! Abandon hope!

Oh well, at least I have proved something.... brain doesn’t function before 11am - and I always knew THAT!