Monday, 21 January 2008

Don't panic.....It's going to be an Indian Summer.

On Sunday at 6pm, we went to make our customary G&T.....ARGHHHHHHHH, panic - horror of all horrors, the cupboard was bare of tonic water! We had five different sorts of Gin...but none of the vital accompanying liquid!

I had to breathe very deeply, and try to clear my head to think of a solution...difficult!

It was Sunday, so no chance of going to the shop to stock up, and it felt dodgy admitting to our neighbours that we wanted a G&T badly enough to gatecrash their fridge and take theirs!

Then the thought of all the weird booze we had bought for Christmas came to mind....
Hmmm, no need to panic....I found a solution - so should you ever be in the same situation -

INDIAN SUMMER (serves 2)

10 raspberries (frozen works)
3 teaspoons of caster sugar
2 teaspoons of creme de rose
100ml Gin
120ml Cranberry juice
crushed ice

Mush it all up with some crushed ice, and serve .... YUMMY! Enjoy...and think of warmer days!

From Douglas Ankrah's fabulous book - "Cocktails"