Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Chicken Run

I can't bear to watch Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall's new campaign to stop intensive chicken production - just viewing the trailer was upsetting enough.

Jamie had his campaign about school dinners, many intially mocked - but then came to realise that Jamie was jolly well right.
Hopefully most people will now see that Hugh is right too.

The photo here is of one our hens - all of which have grown naturally (slowly), and when you have raised chickens quite frankly you would never touch an intensively farmed bird again. Seeing hens up close, you realise quite how different they are from those revolting supermarket efforts.
...and we are all to blame, unless we vote with our wallets (shop local or shop more discerningly) the supermarkets will carry on putting these poor birds on their shelves. Let the farmers grow something they are proud of!

While I love being a carnivore, I would rather not eat 'cheap' meat - it comes at too high a price.

So, I'm asking you all if you have any interest in what you put in your mouth (and your childrens) that you take a peek at -


After all, you are what you eat!