Thursday, 31 January 2008

'Baby's First Tattoo'!

Whilst in a lovely card shop this afternoon, I came across an hilarious modern take on a baby book - it made me laugh out loud in the shop (must stop this habit) and I had to buy it to give to my dearest friend and mother of my gorgeous godson.
It is far more realistic than the usual kind, which you fill the first few pages of, then forget about until the child hits 40.
Here are some selected highlights from the 'things to fill in' -

Business trip Baby's Dad was on while you gave birth ?
Good career Mum gave up ?
Saint's name who administered the epidural ?
Number of nappies that fit in a nappy wrapper ?
Restaurants we never go to anymore -
First time baby ate dirt ?
First time baby answered back ?
First time baby got headlice ?
Most trips to A&E in one day ?
Baby's first tantrum in a supermarket ?
Where parents left the trolley full of frozen food when they had to drag screaming baby from the supermarket?

So as you can see it's a lot more realistic!
It's a good job that when you give birth your brain comes out with the placenta...otherwise we would never do it again!

I'll leave you with two wise quotes -

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one - Leo Burke

Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children - Sam Lavenson

Happy days!

Baby's first Tattoo is by Jim Mullen and is published by bloomsbury